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Service Times for April & May 2018

Service Times

Services in April & May 2018
Sunday April 22nd - Fourth Sunday of Easter

9.00am           Holy Communion         Maidford
10.30am         Family Communion      Blakesley
9.00am           Matins                        Litchborough
6.00pm           Evensong                   Farthingstone

Tuesday April 24th

9.30am           Holy Communion        Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday April 29th - Fifth Sunday of Easter

9.00am           Holy Communion       Adstone
9.00am           Matins                      Maidford
10.30am         Matins                      Blakesley
10.30am         Holy Communion       Litchborough

Tuesday 1st May

9:30am            Holy Communion        Woodend
(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday 6th May -  Sixth Sunday of Easter
8:00am            Holy Communion        Blakesley
9:00am            Holy Communion       Maidford
10:30am          Family Eucharist        Litchborough

Tuesday 8th May

9:30am            Holy Communion       Blakesley
(Book of Common Prayer)

Sunday 13th May - Seventh Sunday of Easter
8:00am            Holy Communion      Blakesley
9:00am            Matins                      Adstone
9:00am            Holy Communion     Farthingstone
10:30am          Family Service         Blakesley
10:30am          Family Service         Litchborough
6:00pm            Evensong                 Maidford

Tuesday 15th May

9:30am           Holy Communion      Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 20th May - Pentecost
10:00am        Benefice Eucharist    Adstone

Tuesday 22nd May

9:30am          Holy Communion      Blakesley
(Common Worship)

Sunday 27th May - Trinity Sunday

9:00am          Holy Communion      Maidford
10:30am        Matins                       Blakesley
10:30am        Holy Communion      Litchborough
6:00pm          Evensong                 Farthingstone

Tuesday 29th May

9:30am         Holy Communion       Blakesley
(Common Worship)