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Welcome to the website of
The Lambfold Benefice

A group of five Anglican rural parishes

in the geographical centre of England


For many the season of Christmas is well and truly over, a dim and distant memory. Yet for the Christian Church the season of Christmas actually ends on 2nd February, The Feast of Candlemas- forty days after the feast of the Nativity. Candlemas is one of the bitter sweet festivals of the Christian year. One last look back to Christmas and then ahead to Lent, Holy week the Crucifixion, and then ultimately the joy of the festival of Easter.
It is a festival which captures the rhythm of the seasons and of life. The dark days of February eventually give way to the wakening spring and new growth, new birth and new life. Flowers begin to bud and blossom, for many farmers the stressful lambing season begins, and eventually the stress and strains disappear as new life appears. As we look back at Christmas we should also look forward to THE Christian festival of Easter, the festival of new life revealed in and through the resurrection. But of course we have Lent to contend with between the two. Lent, traditionally a time of self denial, giving up something; but perhaps we ought to make it a time not just of self denial (a chance to shed a few unwanted pounds by giving up chocolate or alcohol) but a time to take on something, to deepen our faith, to understand more of what it is about. As a boy I loathed Lent, especially being
a vicarage child!-But I have to say that was a result of focussing too much on the giving up part. Now I see Lent not so much as the dark, black hole of denial and misery I did as a child, but a tunnel with the light of Easter shining dimly but clearly in the distance. A tunnel through which we must pass as we move towards the glorious light of the resurrection. In life too we often have to face the dark days as well as the bright ones, but those dark days can be made so much brighter is we remember that there is hope, there is new life and there is an ever burning light of the love of God if we would but turn towards it and embrace it.
Fr. Tim

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