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Welcome to the website of
The Lambfold Benefice

A group of five Anglican rural parishes

in the geographical centre of England




Once again the Rugby World Cup tournament starts. For those of you, like me, who no longer feel able enough or even fit enough to actually play the game, we can at least sit back and enjoy that less strenuous version of the game called ‘Armchair Rugby' and over the next month we will have the opportunity to enjoy others playing the game from
the comfort of our lounges, or perhaps over a convivial pint or two in a local pub. Some of you may remember the song (based on Gustav Holst's marvellous tune from the planets) ‘The World in Union', which was made popular at previous Rugby World Cups. Sadly there appears to be little unity or union around at times. The apparent, or real, disunity fostered by the political machinations of the ‘B' word will no doubt never be very far from the news as 31st of October fast   approaches. Will there be fuel shortages, will there be shortages, temporary or other wise of medical supplies, of food, of energy?
- and so I could make the list go on. The one thing that is a ‘given', is that amidst all of the wrangling, arguments and counter arguments, there is a certainty that in the bigger and broader picture life will go on, 'Deal or No Deal'.
In the book of Psalms, the 133rd psalm begins ‘Behold how joyful a thing it is when people [Brethren] live together in unity.' - these are not just empty words but actually a very positive model for life. We all experience joy and the pleasure unity in various parts of our life, - but we also know that disunity, pulling in various opposing directions can
cause pain, heartache and the breakdown of relationships be they family and friends, a team, a group, or a community. Now I am not naïve enough to think that everything is or should be a bed of roses and everything is harmonious all of the time, yes we all experience disunity. But if we are to value life, value those around us then some degree of unity is not only necessary but vital. All the teams playing in the Rugby World Cup, need to play as a team, not as fifteen separate players, if they want to get the results the wish for. They need to listen to each other, work together, put personal agendas aside, and support each other if they are to get the job done as I am sure Eddie Jones will constantly remind the England Team. So as we settle back and hopefully enjoy the imminent spectacle that is the ‘World Cup' unfold over the coming month, let us also remind ourselves that, come what may, life in all its forms is better when we have a unity of purpose, a unity of hearts and minds, and a mutual respect for the value and contributions of each other.

Father Tim

Filling the Christ shaped hole in the heart of England

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